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Hi, it's Dr Manon Bolliger, ND and I want to welcome you to the Healers Cafe. I am so excited to be doing this series of interviews and what I'll be doing is, is asking all kinds of healthcare practitioners, doctors, healers of all types, to really share with all of you their experience, why they became healers, what called them what they think about this being a healer thing. Is it, a thing? Who's really healing in this, what they've experienced from their their interaction with clients and patients and what the takeaways and understanding of what the process of healing is all about and the process of life. So that's the essence of what I'm doing. I'm hoping that this will serve also for patients that have issues and are looking for different ways of approaching it
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Jan 13, 2021

In this episode of The Healers Café, Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND, chats with Dr Titus Chui, best selling author, award winning international speaker, and Functional Neurologist that specializes in Post-Concussion Syndrome.

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Highlights from today's episode include:


Dr Titus Chui  14:25

Number one first and foremost is giving people hope that even regardless if you've had a concussion, there are things you can do to heal. Healing is always possible. And that I'm a personal testament to that, to my whole journey. Number two, what I find with a lot of people, especially if they're already aware that they have a concussion. A lot of people I work with, patients, they have been to other doctors, and the doctors run their tests and then go, "There's nothing wrong with you, it's all in your head". So not only does that person have to deal with the physical and mental, emotional stress of their health challenge, then on top of that they're dismissed by their practitioner, not because there actually isn't anything going on, but it's because of their own lack of understanding around what actually happens with a concussion.


Dr Titus Chui  17:22

I think a lot of people have had concussions, that might not be the number one root cause for their symptoms. But I've worked with so many patients over the years that have changed their diet, they've taken supplements, there may be practicing yoga and meditation, yet they're still struggling. And I usually find that the missing ingredient number. one missing ingredient I see, at least with the patients I work with, is this whole picture of brain training. How to start to use, apply neuroplasticity, to rewire their brains and get their lives back

Dr Titus Chui  21:42

But the bigger framework that I've developed over the years, what I call root cause neurology, is the three pillars of brain health. That's one of the core foundations of my work, and what I did to heal from my concussion, and how I've helped many patients. The three pillars are like the physical brain, right, which we talked about earlier, the communication pathways like your cerebellum, and different things like somatic-based therapies like TMJ work, chiropractic adjustments, vestibular rehab, that all works on sculpting the neural pathways.



About Dr Titus Chui:

Dr. Titus Chiu is a #1 bestselling author, award-winning international speaker, and Functional Neurologist that specializes in Post-Concussion Syndrome.

He teaches people how to heal their brains and reclaim their lives after concussion, through personalized brain training programs, online masterclasses, and immersive wellness retreats.

He is the #1 bestselling author of BrainSAVE! Learn more about Dr. Chiu's unique approach to brain health at

Core purpose / passion : I love teaching and sharing knowledge about the brain to others so they can take their lives to the next level.

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About Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND:


Dr. Manon is a Naturopathic Doctor, the Founder of Bowen College, an International Speaker with a TEDx talk in Jan 2021, and the author of the Amazon best-selling books "What Patient's Don't Say if Doctors Don't Ask" and "A Healer In Every Household".


About The Healers Café:


Dr. Manon's show is the #1 show for medical practitioners and holistic healers to have heart to heart conversations about their day to day lives.


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